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One of the fun things…

…about being a writer is the leaps of imagination you have to take and the strange things you end up needing to find out about. In the last couple of days, a propos of a story I’m in the middle of writing, I’ve had to take time out to investigate: late 1800s circus performers’ costumes, the history of elastic in general and in fashion garments, Mayan civilization and its estachological beliefs (basically the thing about the world as we know it ending on the winter solstice of 2012), recipes for nut roasts, deserted villages (there are a couple, apparently, quite close to where I’m sitting), urban exploration and deserted urban sites. Oh, and that old standby of writing exercises, the meanings of certain tarot cards and how they might be used for plot development. None of these things will do more than inform half a sentence of description of dialogue. But I hope they mean that little details will sound more vivid and ‘real’ than they would if I’d just invented them.

Along the way I found a new and very addictive way of wasting time: http://www.trendhunter.com/

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