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Helpful information for writers

A big hand for the peeps at Writing East Midlands. Like many writers, I have profiles on half a dozen writing websites including this one. I had a particular technical question about copyright I wanted to explore before starting off down what, for me at least, is a new route – pitching for TV. So I emailed them to ask my question. And you know what? They didn’t know the answer, but they found out. And they replied to me. I’m sure most writers will know how remarkable and how praiseworthy that kind of thing is.

So: my technical question was about registering pitches, treatments, and other TV-related stuff prior to throwing it into an environment where you basically don’t know who’s going to read it, how it will be handled, and whether at some point down the line someone might think it’s a good idea and snaffle it. How much this happens, I don’t know, but the web seems to be telling me it’s a risk and the way to deal with it is to register stuff.

I already knew about the UK Copyright Service. But WEM were able to tell me about the Writers’ Copyright Association which appears to be more flexible and (important at my stage in the game) rather cheaper. And I guess the headline news is, it’s very gratifying to deal with a writers’ website that is prepared to take the view that if they can’t answer a question straight off, they’ll actually go and find out some answers. Well done WEM.

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