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Things I should have done, but didn’t

1. Gone to Radio Cake at Fabrika.
2. Gone to the last Shortfuse.
3. Gone to the Indie Book Fair at De Montford Uni – couple of sessions I wanted to see.
4. Gone out pretty much anywhere – the countryside for example

I do feel bad about not getting out more. I plan to go places, but get overtaken by stuff that happens around the home, and/or in my head. Instead I’ve been writing stuff, doing a fairly poor job of looking after a poorly V, spray-painting an old rococo-ish wrought-iron garden shelf that will become a bedroom bookshelf (eventually and after a few more coats) and allowing myself to get annoyed at the fact some magazines haven’t even bothered to send rejections for stuff sent 8-9 months ago. On the plus side of writing I had a sudden burst of ideas for stories so I’m now writing four simultaneously along with the thing I’m supposed to be doing, a training module on career choices. A couple are coming along quite well and the other couple will have to go on the back-burner for bit… and hopefully by the end of this evening I’ll have hung the rococo mirror on the bedroom wall rather than have it sat in packaging in the middle of the living room.
I’m kind of envious of a friend who posts on LiveJournal – one day Liverpool, next day Torquay. I think I should be that footloose. I’m going to try to make that happen in the coming weeks!

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