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The cycle of life (and the uses of knowledge)

[Don’t read this if easily grossed out!]

We compost. Compared to most people in the neighbourhood we put out very little rubbish because most of what we eat is fresh rather than prepacked (the local market is excellent), and we recycle a lot (old yoghourt cartons become pots for seedlings, etc.).
The compost pile is coming on rather well and we should have good, rich material to put down on the vegetable beds. Among the things we compost are:
– knowledge and information, in the shape of shredded paper – old hard copies of tax documents, bank statements, etc. and anything paper that could be used for identity fraud if it was found in a rubbish tip.
– ourselves, in the shape of vacuum cleaner contents. OK, so that’s going to include dust mites and their droppings as well as flakes of our own dead skin and hair but you get the idea.
So in short, along with potato peelings and the like we’ll be consuming, in a suitably transformed way, ourselves and various aspects of our biographies.
Unfortunately our pet rat died last year. The contents of his cage, when we cleaned it out, used to fire up the compost bin really well but it seems a little extravagant to get another pet rat purely on this basis. And no, when he died he didn’t get composted – sentimental fools that we are, he was buried in the garden under what is now a flourishing patch of cowslips.

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