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Results of experiment, and discussion of findings!

Follow-up on my previous post: the results were, they tussled. One tried to eat the other but was only partly successful.

I should really have marked the duvet covers ‘A’ and ‘B’ so I knew which was which. Ideally, more research is needed.

Statistically, now, I should probably try for a small sample – usually 30 results is a good rule of thumb for a worthwhile analysis, at least for most basic descriptive statistics.

I’m not enthused enough about this to actually do it, though.

There’s one remaining thing that puzzles me. The likely outcomes are (1) the two duvet covers remain separate (2) A consumes B (3) B consumes A. But technically, there should be a fourth possible outcome – each duvet cover is inside the other at the end of the wash. What would that actually look like? Each one contains half of the other, a variant on the Ouroboros symbol (see the Wikipedia entry on this)?

Symbolically this could represent self-referentiality, cyclicality, or in contemporary terms, mutual assured destruction… Or, mathematically, I suppose, it might be completely achievable, each duvet cover completely inside the other, in more than three dimensions – so finding such a result would say interesting things about the nature of space-time in a washing machine drum. Unless of course because it happens in four or more dimensions, but we only see it in three, we can’t recognise the essential truth of the duvet-consuming effect

Hmm… this way could lie madness or genius. I think I’ll take the former as more likely and stop now, while I’m ahead.

Or else take the idea from the realm of idle speculation into the basis for a horror story…

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