In my house, there’s a word that’s probably used by other people as well but seems much less common than I’d thought. It’s got an entry in the Urban Dictionary, sure, but the page just says ‘that term isn’t defined yet’.

The word is ‘wuzgonna’, as in: ‘I wuzgonna go to Novacon this weekend’ (does that make it a conditional verb? I seem to be forgetting my grammar!) and also as in ‘Novacon turned out to be a wuzgonna’ (i.e. a noun for an activity that was going to happen but, from the speaker’s point of view, didn’t).

Also, the Day of the Undead turned out to be a wuzgonna.

OK, Novcon ran for the whole weekend and the Day of the Undead was a one-day event yesterday, but with a bit of planning I could have done both.

What I did instead was act like a socially responsible adult and: (1) not take a friend’s son to the dentist – he’s 21, has a dentist phobia, I said I’d take him but an hour before the appointment he refused to go and phoned the dentist to cancel (2) wrote two exams for a distance learning provider, with a deadline of tomorrow. So at least I got something done before a deadline, which isn’t exactly a first but is handy because much of next week is already blocked off for various other projects and appointments.

There are some notable wuzgonnas in the past, notably booking myself onto an Arvon Foundation writing course, because the one I really wanted to do about three years ago was oversubscribed and that particular course with those particular tutors has never been repeated and I haven’t ever seen anything similar since.

Oh well. I think it’s just a case of doing the things I can do. I’ll have a bit of time later on today to actually write a bit of fiction, which is something that’s turned out to be problematic recently (a few days ago I found the time to add 8 whole words to a story I have in progress…). As Karen Ranney pointed out recently, writer’s block can sometimes happen, but writer’s life is a far more common affliction.

Anyone want to share their own wuzgonnas? And if anyone did get to Novacon or Day of the Undead, how were they? I’ll have to enjoy them both vicariously now!


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