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A day of running around

This is more a diary entry than anything else. It’s been a day of dealing with practical stuff – almost an hour to de-ice the campervan (inside and out) before we could drive to Leicester and do various chores, which themselves took a fair bit of time. Hence I’m just sitting down at 7 in the evening to start what I think of as my ‘day’s work’. That’s the nice side of being freelance – when you have to, you can rearrange your schedule in that kind of a way.

I was struck by the thick frost on the trees – pretty as a Christmas card, and unusually considering towns are a degree or two warmer than the surrounding countryside, the trees in town are frost-white as well. Strange abstract shapes against the the rather modernist buildings. Sorry, no pics though.

I did however manage to drop into Fabrika, where Chris Cafferkey’s photos are still hanging. The exhibition they were in is over and a new one is there, some extraordinary paintings of demons by Ruth Joyce that look very cool. Meanwhile, a lot of what was in the exhibition is now in the cafe area including Chris’s pics – look up, they’re hung high on the wall near the door. Excuse the picture quality, it was done on my mobile phone. Her originals are, of course, in focus and technically accomplished…

Chris Cafferkey @ Fabrika

Chris Cafferkey @ Fabrika

They’ll be there until mid-January, they tell me, unless someone decides to buy them in the meantime.

So now I need to see if I can write sensible things about social housing policy and the like. If there’s time later I’ll  go back to revise a couple of stories that have been hanging fire for a while as well. And that’s it for now. I’ll try to do a more erudite post about VLEs (Virtual Learning Environments) tomorrow!











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