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Christmas lists

It gets me every year. Christmas isn’t a two-day public holiday but a three-week build-up, a festive campaign, a laying-in of supplies. It would, I suspect, be simpler to work out what’s needed to survive a zombie apocalypse than it is to work out what’s needed for Christmas. Or is that just me?

My way of organising myself is to write lists. Here are some I found in the pockets of my trousers and coat, on my desk, and on my computer. I’ve annotated the ones where I remember what they were about. It’s pretty random stuff but I’m bored, so I’ll share…

Trouser pocket

  • Dongle (in case the broadband goes down again. I can’t use it with my laptop because MacOS 10.3.9 is too ancient, apparently)
  • Acidopholos (sp?)
  • Pen – soft tip, high quality
  • Presents


  • Laptop story, other story (I’m writing two stories at the moment, but one is on my laptop. Which one I work on depends on whether I’m in the study or the living room)
  • Speaker (we’ve reorganised the living room, so the CD player needs extension wires for the speakers. Went to buy some but got rock salt for the path instead)
  • Tinsel (me buy tinsel for Christmas? Nope, I must have had something else in mind!)
  • Interview (me interviewing someone else in connection with another project – postponed till the New Year)
  • Suet (this was because V wants to make her own gluten-free Christmas pudding, which requires suet. As it turns out, the supermarkets only sell suet that has wheat added. Why?)
  • Pickle exploder


  • Blackboard (reminder to check the virtual learning environment for a university I work with?)
  • Tx (transfer something? But what, and to where?)
  • Soc Hsg (a reminder to get on with a project on social housing, I assume)
  • Blog (this one, I guess?)
  • Library vice (no idea! Any suggestions?)


  • HS2
  • EM detector
  • Snake keeping
  • Bad poetry
  • Harley Davidson codes (related to a previous post)
  • Macbeth
  • Gothic novel
  • Magistrates court design
  • Images of justice
  • Retort stand/clamp

Most, but not all, of the ‘computer’ ones are related to things I’m writing at the moment – I hope! At any rate I’m not buying anyone bad poetry or a magistrates court for Christmas…

Have a good Christmas, anyway!

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