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Paper bags and drinking responsibly

Bag from India

Bag from India

I got V a Christmas present. It came from the Amnesty International gift shop and was sourced from India. It came in an ingenious newspaper bag from a recycled Hindustan Times.

Bag from India

Bag from India

So far as the bag is concerned, it made me wonder why these aren’t used everywhere instead of plastic bags – eco-friendly with no real landfill implications.

The other thing that caught my attention was an ad in the paper that ended up on the outside of the bag.

In the UK, we have ads that urge people to ‘drink responsibly’, i.e. not go binge drinking in clubs, start fights after ten pints of lager and half a dozen vodka shots and then try to drive home.

In India, the newspaper carries an ad from a company that’s urging people to ‘drink responsibly’. The company sells water purification equipment.

Interesting cultural shift of perspective there. Interesting difference in priorities. Makes you stop and think…


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