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Just thought I’d say…

… I ‘m still here. Just not blogging as much because I’m working hard on some new projects, some educational and some more speculative and fiction-based (I was tempted to day they’re fictional projects but that would give the wrong impression). As someone or other said on another blog I sped past the other day, I don’t have enough bandwidth to progress those projects and find interesting things to blog about. You don’t really want to know what I had for dinner and what time I got up this morning, do you? (If you’re really curious the answers are chicken risotto and 7am, which is uncharacteristically early for me since I’ve worked graveyard shifts for the last couple of decades – evening teaching, overnight editing, working until dawn to finish stories and so forth.)

One thing I have been tracking, though, is the ‘progress’ being made in universities to rationalise degree programmes (i.e. close many of them down), merge schools and faculties in order to effect budget cuts, and so forth. The Times ran a story last week about how some universities were likely to end up being taken over by private education companies. I haven’t seen other papers, even the Times Higher Education, run with that story though a more general one about cuts in humanities degrees is here.

It’s difficult to see quite how the government could force the issue (since universities are founded by royal warrants), though presumably reducing funding for selected programmes would close down financial options to the point that it becomes the least worst option for some institutions. How that would affect student experiences is a whole other question, I guess. In some respects it might make universities more ‘client centred’ though having worked with quite a few large companies in my time, I’m yet to be convinced that mainstream managerial culture is quite up to the job of managing degree programmes. Which is not to say some companies aren’t good at it – they are – but that it has very specific challenges that require specialised expertise to address.

I’ll add that to my list of things to blog about another time, though…

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