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Random memory no. 137

I was watching TV last night, a crime thriller, and there was some dialogue that reminded me of something that happened probably 25 years ago.

The plot involved someone visiting a prison and coming out saying ‘I’ve met my first murderer’. But 25 years ago I was occasionally involved in taking groups of students on prison visits. I can’t remember which prison we’d been to, but it held some lifers and we had a group discussion with some of them.

When we left after the session one of the students said exactly that to me: ‘So now I’ve met my first murderer.’

And my response was ‘How would you know that?’.

Because logically speaking, all she could say was that she’d met her first convicted and incarcerated murderer.

At some point I may use that as a detail in a story, when I get enough of my ‘day job’ writing done that I can get back into writing fiction.

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