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Old boots, new adventures

IMAG0555My old walking boots have given up. The uppers have finally split from the soles in a couple of places. I’m not surprised. I bought them in the late 1980s for about £10, a price I thought at the time was exorbitant. Over a quarter of a century they’ve taken me thousands of miles through South-east Asia, the US, Europe – and just down the road to the shops when it’s been snowing. So while they’ve been good and faithful footwear for much of my adult life, now I need some new boots. I’ll miss the old ones because they fit really well and were comfortable over all kinds of terrain, and a lot of good memories are attached to them. But I’ll still have those memories and I guess, when I buy new boots, I’ll have new adventures and start making good memories in those too.  

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  1. December 17, 2016 at 8:28 pm

    Just by way of an update: I posted in February, but didn’t get round to buying new walking boots until October. I used the new boots for about two months, mainly walking the dog around a 2-mile route across local fields and woods. At the end of that time – do the sums, that’s about 120 miles – I’d worn completely through the sole of one boot and most of the way through the sole of the other. If that isn’t a clear illustration of how a lot of stuff in the shops is ridiculously poor quality now, I don’t know what else would be. I took them back and complained, and got a refund. I now have some new new boots, which so far are holding up, but they cost about three times more than I was hoping to pay.

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