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While I’ve been ill…

January 6, 2011 1 comment

I’m getting annoyed and frustrated with being poorly sick. It’s gone on too long and it’s stopping me getting things done. Damn. Doctor’s in the morning, then…

However, I did discover today that Chriscaff has spent the last couple of days setting up a Zazzle store to promote her photography. Selected pics, including some she’s played with in Photoshop to turn into weird, almost science-fictionish designs, are now available on a range of products from key chains to mouse mats, mugs and T-shirts. Well worth a look.

This prompted another chain of thought, because scrutiny of items available in Zazzle (not Chriscaff’s, but some of the others) suggests it’s possible to get at around 120 words on a T-shirt. Someone has, for example, the whole of a Shakespeare sonnet on one. I take that as a sign that I should turn my attention to writing flash fiction – I like the idea that rather than having my work published in a conventional way, it’s available on a T-shirt, or mouse mat, or mug or whatever.


Fabrika, Leicester – Critical Mass

November 26, 2010 Leave a comment

Fabrika recently announced ‘Critical Mass’, an open submission exhibition and earlier in the week I dropped off four of Chris Cafferkey’s photos there. Earlier today we were in Leicester together and nipped in for a coffee, to discover they (and quite a few others, obviously) were in the process of being hung. Her pics are of course brilliant, though my pics of her pics, taken on my mobile phone, are rather lower quality…

Pics waiting to be hung

Someone else’s pic is at the back of the stack, behind the square ‘owl’ photo – no idea whose it is but it looked interesting.

Three flower pics

Three flower pics

Owl pic, still wrapped

Owl pic, still wrapped

Fabrika, outside

Fabrika, exterior

The pics should be up later today (Friday) and the exhibition runs, I think, until the end of next week.

Fabrika exhibition, Leicester

April 29, 2010 Leave a comment

While I’m thinking about it, I should mention my friend Chris Cafferkey (also see Chriscaff on WordPress) has three photos in the open exhibition at Fabrika/The Art Organisation in Leicester.

This runs until 16 May – I was down there yesterday when stuff was being hung, and even half-done it looked a pretty damn fine exhibition. They already had some good oils, acrylics, and a couple of intriguing mixed-media pieces. Then there’s Chris’s photos (which I’d gone down to deliver for her), plus they were telling me at least half a dozen other artists had supplied work that should be up by now.

In other news: the electricity supply company has been wanting to change my meter for a couple of months and the meter-changing guy arrived today. Only thing was, it’s an outside meter. And halfway through the job, it started to rain heavily. Hmm… electric and water… I ended up standing over him with an umbrella, and reassuring him that I do have a current first aid certificate in case of need!

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